As a Relative Care, you also can participate in this program and be reimbursed for the meals you provide to the children in your care.

Relative Care Guidelines:

  1. There will be only ONE expiration date and ONE qualifying start date.
  2. The required elements to participate:
    1. Annual BCI check for all residents of a household 18 years of age and older.
    2. Annual inspection conducted by the Sponsoring Organization (Orem Child Care Nutrition Program) form supplied by CNP.
    3. Relative care provider compliance certification form sponsor identification Completion of Relative Care Provider Compliance Certification Form
  3. The Relative Care level of participation will follow current licensing child-to-provider ratios. A total of 8 slots are available counting the provider's own children less than 4 years of age. A maximum of 2 babies under the age of two will be allowed when 8 children are in care and a maximum of 3 babies will be allowed when 6 children are in care. There will be no Group Care level equivalency.
  4. All day care participants must be related and upon request, the provider must be able to show proof of relationship, to the Sponsoring Organization. For purposes of qualifying under the Relative Care option, the provider must be related to each child in care as one of the following: sibling or step-sibling 18 or over providing care for sibling(s) 12 or under from a separate household, aunt, uncle, grandparent, step-aunt, step-uncle, step-grandparent, great aunt, great uncle, or great grandparent.
  5. Each item in #2 will be considered as a whole, not as individual items.
    1. Once the completed packet has been received from a prospective provider, the expiration date will be assigned as the last day of the first claiming month. (For example, the packet is turned in on May 15. If the packet is complete, the start date will be set as May 15 of the current year, and the expiration date will be set as May 31 of the following year.)
    2. A renewing provider may submit a completed renewal packet any time before the renewal date and there will be no interruption in qualified participation. The original month and day of expiration will roll over to the following year.
    3. If any portion of the renewal packet is received AFTER the expiration date, the provider will be ineligible to participate until a complete renewal packet is received and approved. The original expiration date will be used and moved to the following year.
    4. If renewal packet is more than 120 days late, then a renewal will not be sufficient, and the provider will need to complete a "new provider" packet", as outlined in #2 above.
  6. If a provider moves, a new application for Relative Care approval must be submitted. The other existing documentation will continue. The expiration date will remain the same as if the provider did not move. During the time between moving and completing and submitting the application and inspections the provider will not be eligible to participate on the CACFP.
  7. One of our staff will assist you in the process and completion of these requirements.

    Relative Care